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Required Minimum Distribution Made Easy Through Give Nebraska!

Required Minimum Distribution

Are you facing a required minimum distribution from your retirement accounts this year? Did you know you can easily use that to support causes you care about, without claiming the distribution as taxable income? Give Nebraska makes it easy to support several nonprofits with one gift!

How does it work? Tell your financial advisor to send the money to Give Nebraska with a note of which nonprofits you'd like to support and how much and we'll take care of distributing it to the nonprofits! One transaction benefiting several organizations, with all of the tax benefits! 

If you are interested in doing this or have questions, let us know!


"Give Nebraska made it really easy to support the causes I like with my required distribution. I was able to make a gift I would have made anyway from a distribution I had to take from my retirement accounts, but this gave me additional tax benefits. I will definitely do this again in the future!" 

-retired donor