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Boy Scouts of America, Cornhusker Council


A youth leadership program for all youth which changes lives and impacts communities. We focus on Physical Fitness, Citizenship, and Leadership Development.


  • $50 sponsors 1 at-risk youth to experience our ScoutREACH program.
  • $100 provides for 1 youth to attend Cub Scout Week Long Day Camp.
  • $290 gives a scholarship for 1 youth to experience Week Long Summer Camp.
  • $364 sponsors 1 youth to experience Scouting for an entire year!


"I am very proud of the things that Saxon has learned in Cub Scouts! He started as a Tiger Scout in Den 1 and was one of the Founders of Pack 19 in Lincoln Nebraska.

An accident happened tonight in which Saxon kept calm and act quickly to save his 5 year old brother from drowning.

Saxon was fishing from the dock in our back yard. Saxon had caught a large fish and so his younger brother and younger sister went down to the pond to watch. Apparently, Rowan, Saxon's 5-year-old brother, saw some moss that he wanted to touch and reached down to the water from the dock. Saxon, seeing his brother reaching down, started to say, "Rowan, you shouldn't ......"

And Rowan was in the water just that fast. Saxon dropped his pole and immediately laid down on his stomach, reached out grabbing Rowan's shirt and then arm and pulled him up onto the dock. Rowan was quite rattled by the whole incident. I heard him crying as they got close to the house.

Later in the evening, I asked Saxon how he knew what to do. He said, "It wasn't that big of a deal Mom, but I guess Scouts taught me some things, like laying down, reaching out, and to not become a victim yourself".

The Webelos of Pack 19 just finished their First Responder Adventure a few months ago. Words can't express how thankful I am that Saxon was quick to act and knew what to do in this emergency. I would like to thank the Cub Scouts for providing such an awesome curriculum/training and beneficial life skills to boys across America."



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