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Disability Rights Nebraska


Advocating for the rights of Nebraskans with disabilities to belong in their chosen communities, experience "the good life" free from harm, and be genuinely heard.


  • $ 3 a week can provide training for a group of self-advocates who want to work with their senators to make positive change in an issue affecting their lives. ($160)
  • $10 will cover the cost of postage and 10 copies of a “Law In Brief” publication on Service Animals and Emotional Support animals mailed to a local Chamber of Commerce.
  • $ 11 a month can cover the time for a staff attorney and a case advocate to provide advice and informational support for a parent whose child was removed from their classroom and inappropriately placed in a locked room by themselves at their school. ($132)
  • $ 40 pays for special education law and advocacy resource books for a lay advocate in training to help families gain access to a more inclusive educational experience for their children with disabilities.
  • $ 50 sponsors a service provider or interested community member to attend a one day “Power of Roles” training to begin changing how people with disabilities are viewed.


Women who had already been traumatized, who were supposed to be receiving mental health treatment in a safe space, were being sexually harassed and raped by both fellow patients and staff, but no-one there would listen to them. People with intellectual disabilities, residing in an institution that supposedly had their best interests at heart, were routinely neglected and received sub-standard medical care that threatened their very lives, in one case to the point of death. In these situations, and more, it is the mission of Disability Rights Nebraska to step in and remedy the situation. We are a presence in those places where the most vulnerable Nebraskans with disabilities are isolated, segregated, or congregated; we serve people in schools, institutions, assisted living facilities – anywhere people with disabilities live, work, or learn. Our focus is keeping people safe from harm, advocating for all to be included and supported in the community of their choice, and standing with people with disabilities to develop their own voices in advocacy.



2930 Ridgeline Rd, Suite #205
Lincoln, NE 68516