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Mental Health Association of Nebraska


We offer a variety of services in an effort to assist individuals in finding wellness and hope. All of our services are voluntary, and all participants can expect to be treated with dignity and respect, All MHA-NE Programs are Peer Run and Participant Driven.


  • $8 buys toilet paper for a participant.

  • $8 buys bus transportation for a day.

  • $22 buys a WRAP guide/workbook for an 8 week class.

  • $125 funds an hour session of MHA’s Wellness Recovery Action Planning.

  • $175 buys clothing/shoes/essentials for a participant for their first ever real job.



I started my wellness and recovery journey on April 2nd of 2021 after years of alcoholism, substance abuse, trauma, mental health struggles, and multiple incarceration stays. I finally found the courage to say that enough is enough after a night filled with drinking and arguments. I knew in my heart that something needed to change before I ended up dead or behind bars. I was at a point in my life where I was at my rock bottom. I believed that I deserved all the traumatic events that I once endured. I didn’t think I could live a life of peace and happiness. After losing friends and burning bridges with the ones closest to me, I decided I needed to get myself and my life in order. I never knew how much this decision would change my life. I quit my addiction to alcohol and substances cold turkey, and I knew my next step was to seek help with my mental health. I took a risk on finding a therapist to fit my needs and it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, I just wanted to know that I wasn’t alone. Therapy opened a door of opportunity for me showing me a side of life I had never known before involving honesty, openness, and taking accountability for my actions. Before I could work on setting boundaries and mending relationships, I had to first work on myself and create an action plan of who I wanted to become. I was informed about MHA through a young woman that worked there who was also someone that I’ve known since middle school. I was tired of working in factories and holding myself back so I decided to take yet another risk and apply. Not long after, MHA offered me a job as a peer support specialist for the REAL program and I gladly accepted. I never would have imagined that my life would be so fulfilling on becoming a peer with lived experience.



1645 N Street
Lincoln, NE  68508