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Nebraska 4-H Foundation


For over 100 years, 4 H has been welcoming all youth. We serve 1 in 3 youth through our experience base learning backed by UNL.


  • $1 per week provides materials for STEM education at Omaha urban schools. ($52)
  • $5 per week provides training to youth entrepreneurs to train other youth. ($260)
  • $20 per month provides scholarship for youth to attend statewide agricultural education workshop. ($240)
  • $10 provides training for national shooting sports instructors.
  • $25 provides training/curriculum for healthy living educators.
  • $50 provides curriculum/supplies for college and career development workshops.
  • $100 pays for a youth to attend camp to gain valuable life skills, independence, leadership and develop life-long friendships.


I was 12 when my sister had several surgeries, placed in hospice and given one year to live. A short time later our house caught fire, we lost everything. As if that wasn’t enough, we were in a severe car accident, just a month later, where I suffered a severe back injury.

After a traumatic few months, when I was 12, for my family and a severe back injury, I felt broken and lost. A few friends recognized I needed help. They were a part of a local 4-H Robotics club, they invited me to join them. I was skeptical but quickly recognized the importance of being in the 4-H family.

4-H has taught me how to move out of my comfort zone, speak up for what is important, and foster relationships with those in my community.

I was fortunate to be a part of a STEM program that was open to all youth. Years later, I realized there was a discrepancy in STEM access and opportunities. I wanted to help kids, like me, that needed a place to connect and grow. I developed a community outreach plan that would assist underrepresented students in local STEM circles. Because of my hard work and perseverance, I was able to raise enough money and volunteer to help at 60 community events to encourage kids to get involved in STEM.

Without 4-H, I never would have found a passion for STEM. My club leaders and friends supported me through it all. 4-H has taught me going to continue to step out of my comfort zone and achieve my goals. 4-H changed my life forever.

-Jo, 4-Her


210 Mussehl Hall
PO Box 4500
Lincoln, NE 68504