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Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers


The Nebraska Alliance is dedicated to enhancing Nebraska’s response to child abuse. We support responders on the front lines through technical assistance and statewide advocacy.



  • $50 sponsors a meeting with legislators to make sure Nebraska’s laws promote healing and justice for children experiencing abuse.
  • $100 helps us to be able to create an informational presentation to educate the public about the important work of CACs!
  • $150 helps us to provide training materials to investigative team members to build their resiliency when faced with stressful or traumatic situations!
  • $200 supports data analysis and program improvement to expand access to child advocacy center services.
  • $1,000 enables the Nebraska Alliance to provide training opportunity to multidisciplinary team professionals across the state about child abuse and neglect investigations and their response to child victims and their non-offending caregivers.


In 2023, as the State Chapter for Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) in Nebraska, the Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers advocated on behalf of the seven nationally accredited CAC members, securing vital funding to ensure essential services to children and families in Nebraska continued uninterrupted. The CACs were experiencing funding cuts and a steady and significant increase in the number of children served where the severity of maltreatment (physical/sexual abuse, sex trafficking, witness to homicide, domestic violence, etc.) had increased.

But our impact went beyond financial sustainability. It included comprehensive training initiatives, empowering over 250 individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, equipping them with tools to enhance work within the services they provide to the children and families. We continued uniting CACs across the state in shared mission of excellence – by offering individualized tracks and networking opportunities, meaningful connections fostering a culture of improvement. For the dedicated front-line staff, we provided state-wide meetings, conferences and training sessions to encourage learning and empowerment, with over 94% participants reporting increased knowledge and confidence.

Looking to the future, we strive to make a larger impact for children and families experiencing abuse and neglect by supporting our member CACs and their investigative/service partners. Through collaboration and compassion, we are committed to building bridges within our community and creating a brighter future where every child receives the care they need.



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