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Nebraska Land Trust


We are dedicated to the mission of protecting agricultural, historical, and natural resources on land in Nebraska through education, partnering, and permanent conservation.


In 2020, Nebraska Land Trust worked with a couple to permanently conserve their ranch on the White River in Nebraska’s scenic Pine Ridge. Over the course of 50 years, they assembled their ranch piece by piece, eventually acquiring about 3,000 acres. A permanent land protection agreement known as a conservation easement provided the answer they were looking for.

Not only did the easement protect a working cattle ranch, it conserved valuable natural resources. This property receives extensive use by bighorn sheep and its buttes are considered critical lambing habitat for ewes that find protection from predators among the cliffs. Large numbers of elk frequent the land as well. The White River which flows across the ranch is a premier trout stream where the family allows public fishing. They also didn’t want to see cabins and second homes in one of Nebraska’s most beautiful landscapes.

From a financial standpoint, it was the owners’ life-long dream to bequeath the ranch to their daughter debt-free and the purchase of their easement made this a reality, while providing funds to buy hay for their cattle during a severe drought. All of these goals were achieved through a permanent conservation easement with Nebraska Land Trust. Before the couple passed in 2021, they had the comfort of knowing the legacy they worked so hard for could never be destroyed.



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