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Donor Appreciates Podcasts, Authentic Voices Ryan Peterson is a self-proclaimed NPR nerd, doing most listening via podcasts. It’s hard for him to pinpoint when public radio became part of his life. Possibly listening to Colorado Public Radio with his mother or Big Band music with his father, growing up. This led him to Nebraska Public Media and his favorite shows – This American Life, Fresh Air and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Peterson is a huge fan of The NPR Politics Podcast. “It’s so important to have a national news platform that is not tied to propaganda.” Peterson starts his day with NPR’s Up First podcast, highlighting three stories of the day, and ends with the Consider This podcast, a 15-minute analysis of a major news story. He applauds NPR’s efforts, broadcasting diverse stories and allowing on-air talent to share their personalities, without losing integrity. “I like the fact that we are hearing more authentic voices, but the quality of the journalism hasn’t changed.” Peterson credits NPR’s famous ‘driveway moments’ campaign for changing him from a listener to a member, giving an ongoing contribution. He has made provisions in his will to support the network. “I realized I was consuming a ton of this content, so I should support it,” he said. “It’s a neutral place where you can get information, but make your own decisions.”



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