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Nebraska Trails Foundation


Nebraska Trails Foundation (NTF) helps build and promote multi-use trails for transportation and recreation, encouraging healthy lifestyles while preserving the environment.


  • $1 a week pays for one of our new color-coded trail signs. ($52)
  • $2.50 per month pays for 12 of our free color trail maps. ($30)
  • $33 per month pays for one of the five new trail sign kiosks. ($396)
  • Any amount helps, trails are expensive to build and maintain!


Because of the Coronavirus-19 outbreak when people were mostly confined to their homes, the trails became a new importance. When fitness centers, gymnasiums and malls closed, people took to the trails for relaxation, exercise and stress relief. Children/parents are riding bicycles, mothers are pushing strollers, people walking dogs, runners, walkers and cyclists are using the trails more than they have in the past. Trails help people maintain a healthy lifestyle during a time of separation from others!

Nebraska Trails Foundation (NTF) is an important partner in the acquisition, development and promotion of the multi-use recreational trails across Nebraska. NTF participates in the purchase and acquisition of abandoned railway lines used for multi-use trails. The trails are used by the public for transportation, recreation and promotion of healthy lifestyles, all while preserving the environment.

The manager of a locally owned running shoe store teaches running classes for people of all ability levels. She has taught these classes for several years, using Lincoln’s trails to get people moving for a healthier lifestyle. She hosts special events on the trails with the Lincoln Track Club, teaches an annual marathon training class, and coaches Beginner’s Luck class tailored for people wanting to start or get back into running. Some of these people in the class are overweight and have never run before. Staying active by running/walking on the trails, they lose weight, stay motivated and many go on to run half or full marathons. They wouldn’t be able to achieve this without utilizing the trails we have!



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