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Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln


Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln helps people live longer, healthier lives by providing information, resources, and programming that supports family, child, and senior wellness.


  • $25 supports wellness outreach resources that help improve the health, safety, and vitality of lower income neighborhoods in our community. 
  • $50 supports local afterschool fitness programs like SPARK that promote healthy weights and lifelong wellness.
  • $100 supports nutrition education programs like WeCook and Harvest of the Month in the Lincoln Community Learning Centers that help at-risk kids and families learn skills that support a healthier lifestyle.
  • $200 helps improve lifelong maternal and infant health through better access to prenatal and postnatal healthcare, the Community Breastfeeding Educator program, and other maternal and child health initiatives.


Now, more than ever, we are committed to giving children the best start in life. In collaboration with community partnerships, we initiate and/or support projects that:

  • increase access to early pregnancy care to prevent birth defects, lower the risk of infant mortality, and prevent or minimize complications from pregnancy risks for mothers such as hypertension, anemia, infections, depression and gestational diabetes.
  • increase access to first year postnatal care for mothers and infants to help establish healthy practices, prevent disease, and detect and manage complications.
  • improve maternal and infant health through the support of breastfeeding programs. Breastfed babies have a reduced risk of SIDS, ear infections, upper respiratory infections, childhood leukemia, obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, asthma and more. Moms who breastfeed have reduced risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, type II diabetes, and postpartum depression. Programs like the Community Breastfeeding Educators provide support to medically underserved families. 
  • improve the health of at-risk schoolchildren and their families through nutrition education and fitness programs that teach skills to support a healthier lifestyle.
  • enhance neighborhood wellness by providing resources and information that have a positive impact on neighborhood health, safety, and vitality in lower income neighborhoods.
  • create better patient outcomes by working with primary care clinics to improve patient outreach, preventative care, and chronic disease management.
  • protect community health by providing science and evidence-based information in times of public health crises.
  • work to improve health equity in our community, by addressing disparities among racial and ethnic populations with the highest burden of chronic disease, aligning healthcare providers and community outreach efforts to connect patients with health resources.



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